Nepalese Chefs Meet held in Sydney

Nepalese Chefs Meet 2019 Sydney

Sydney, February 18, 2019

Over 40 Nepalese Chefs and engaging community members came together to celebrate and to share ideas at Nepalese Chefs Meet 2019 with the theme of “Defining the future of Nepalese Food” organised in Sydney.

The meet organised by Two Tables Australia in partnership with Experience Nepal campaign of Nepal Tourism Board featured Dr. Narayan Pradhan. Speaking at the meet, Pradhan shared his journey of opening the first Nepalese restaurant in Sydney.

Padam Shakya shared his decades of experience where he advanced his experience with Karna Shakya, a well known personality of Nepalese hospitality industry, who initiated Globalizing Nepali Heritage Cuisine campaign last year in Nepal with coordinator Binayak Shah and Nepal Tourism Board.

Chef Hari Lamichhane gave a refreshing perspective on the hospitality industry. The participating young and energised chefs and food, restaurants entrepreneurs brought discussion on the future of hospitality industry and Nepalese food. In a two-hour reflection session, the attendees unanimously expressed that they were excited, joyous, and inspired by what they experienced at the meet.

“Our goal is to bring ideas among chefs to the Nepalese food, restaurant and hospitality and its promotion in Australian market in a different way, and support Visit Nepal 2020 with establishment of food tourism in Nepal,” said Two Tables co-founder, Chef Suraj Pradhan. Pradhan is travelling to Nepal in May for World Food Travel Association’s Asia’s first summit FoodTreX Kathmandu. Certified Ambassador of World Food Travel Association, Pradhan said, “Nepalese Chefs Meet was inspired by the Experience Nepal campaign and it’s aim for support of culture & cuisine movement”.

The meet was the first Nepalese chef’s meet organised in Sydney, Australia.