Sathi Australia organises 1st Nepalese Photo Contest in Australia – encourages students to partake

  • January 21, 2020

The First Nepalese Photo Contest will be held among the Nepali Diaspora in Australia, according to a press conference held on January 20 at the Old Durbar restaurant in Australia.

The photo contest is being organized by ‘SathiAustralia’ and the last date of submission of photographs is slated on April 4.

Tonu Ghothane of TWGG, the main sponsor of the First Nepalese Photo Contest, said that the event was specifically targeted to students and is an opportunity for students to showcase their creativity. Former NRNA spokeswoman Dila Kharel congratulated SathiAustralia for planning such a creative event.

SathiAustralia has said the photographs don’t necessarily need to be captured with expensive cameras and participants can also share photos taken from mobile phones.

The organizers also assured it is the creativity and skills that matters the most rather than the quality of cameras, adding that everyone can partake in the competition, even if they are not professional photographers.

As per the organizing team, students are given priority so that they can pour out their imagination as well as creativity, and take the winning prize to home. One can send any photograph since there is no distribution of category.

Creative Director of SathiAustralia, Arun Chitrakar, expressed his gratitude as he hopes that such events will open a path for creativity and work as stress buster for Nepali students in Australia.

The organizers are trying to make this contest fair and impartial and for that a panel of Australian judges, including David Mikasa, will be formed to decide the winner.

The winning prize is $2,500 AUD, runner-up will take home $1,500 AUD and second runner-up will get $500 AUD. The most popular photograph will also get $500 AUD.

To participate in the contest please click the link below.