Adelaide welcomes Nepali New Year with a warm gesture

Adelaide, Australia:

Every year, Adelaide Nepalese Society organises a picnic for the elderly on the occasion of Baisakh 1, i.e. Nepali New Year. This year too, in the same spirit of welcoming elderlies from Nepal to Australia, the society held a picnic at Auckland Park, Adelaide.

While more than 50 elderlies attended the picnic, Nepali community members, including young children, students and working professionals too attended the picnic.

The picnic featured several fun and entertaining activities for all age groups, and served delicious food for the attending guests. Elderlies were seen rejoicing and having a good time – especially as many of them were not able to tour desired places due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We organise these programs for the happiness of our parents – and we are very happy to see their smiles”, President Surendra Regmi told Bal Gopal Upadhyaya of MNTV.

Originally reported on MNTV by Bal Gopal Upadhyaya, translated with permission of publisher.