Ambassador Pokharel successfully completes one year in Australia

On the occasion of one year of taking office , Honorable Ambassador of Nepal to Australia Mr Kailash raj Pokharel has thanked all stakeholders who helped him understand the the dynamic of steadily growing Nepalese community in Australia. One year after presenting a letter of credence as a diplomat Infront of His Excellency the Honorable David Hurley , Governor-General of Australia, Mr Pokharel looks back on some of the achievements and challenges that lies ahead for the Nepalese community and for himself as a diplomat.

He has said “Nepalese community has grown twenty folds in last decade but our resources and infrastructure to provide consular services and to serve the community in other areas have remained the same.” He has added “The embassy is currently attending to one hundred phone calls and two hundred emails a day , where as it only has capacity to deliver sixty to seventy queries a day. We acknowledge, we have fallen short to adequately deliver the service hence we have requested the decentralizing of passport service through passport centers to meet the demand.”

Mr Pokharel also pointed out some key achievements since he assumed responsibilities.

In this period, Nepal Airlines Corporation (NAC), Nepal’s national carrier, has completed the procedures to commence direct flight to Australia . Which is believed to benefit thousands of Nepalese travelling back home, specially parents looking to avoid transits during flights. Efforts are also being made to create a mechanism between the two countries to increase investment and trade. Embassy is also planning a high level visit in the involvement of Australian politicians , universities, entrepreneurs , researchers and diplomats.

The embassy has also recognized the challenges and problems faced by Nepalese students . “Home sick, cultural shock, language barrier, affordability are the main issued faced by our students and we are committed to make more efforts on those areas together with various associations and communities” said Mr pokharel.

Mr Pokharel also laid importance on sending remittance through legal channel.