Another variant of the corona virus is spreading rapidly in Australia, experts warn

Melbourne Australia, Another variant of the corona virus has been warned in Australia. Experts have warned that another variant will spread rapidly this month.

According to him, the new variant is 40% more contagious than the previous variant.

The World Health Organization notes that BA2 is different from BA1. Although BA2 is said to be more contagious than BA1, more research is being done. Mark Dusan Smith, president of the Australian Medical Association, said the new variant was 40% more contagious. Other experts, however, suggest that it is less contagious.

However, experts are of the same opinion that the number of patients admitted to the hospital will be less if the vaccine is given. Jetan Bergio, a professor at the Australian National University, described the BA.2 as as contagious and deadly as Omicron. “If someone is infected with Omicron, they have a much lower risk of BA.2 infection,” he said.

According to Bergio, BA.2 is now more widespread in many Australian states than Omicron and Delta. He cited Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales and Queensland as examples.”The number of coronavirus infections in Australia will continue to rise for the next three months or so,” he said.

In New South Wales, Health Minister Brad Hazard estimated that the number of corona infections could double in the next six weeks with the onset of BA.2 infection. In Western Australia, amoebic infections are expected to reach a new high this week. Health Minister Amber-Jade Sanderson noted that BA.2 has already been included in state guidelines.

Dr Bergio said about 60% of Australians had received a booster dose of the corona vaccine. “Winter is coming. Now other variants of the corona and viruses affecting health may appear. ‘Similarly, Dr. Dusan Smith said that the flu vaccine could be combined with the corona vaccine. “As the virus becomes less serious and more contagious over time, it is estimated that over the years, people will need booster doses of flu-like flu,” Smith said. But it is expected that as different variants travel around the world in the coming years, a booster will be needed. Which will probably be able to link to the influenza vaccine. ‘