As new Covid-19 numbers continue to decline, Victorians look forward to Sunday announcement

File Photo: A tram crosses an intersection in Brunswick, Metropolitan Melbourne in January, 2020.

Victoria recorded 14 new cases of Covid-19 overnight on Friday, bringing the state’s 14 day rolling average to 25.1.

Announcing the numbers Premier Andrews also informed Victorians that the number of active cases in Victoria are 482.

“That’s the first time we’ve been below 500 cases for a considerable period of time and that is very pleasing,” Premier Andrews said. The state is “ahead of its schedule” in its efforts to bring Covid numbers down, he added.

Meanwhile, Victorians who are completing 8 weeks of a hard lockdown, are looking forward to the Sunday announcement.

“It is good to see the numbers reduce significantly. It means that our 8 weeks of lockdown has worked. I look forward to hearing Sunday’s announcement from the government. Hopefully I can go out to meet my friend for a coffee”, Ms. Karki, a resident of Coburg shared.

Metropolitan Melbourne, finding itself at the centre of a second wave of infections, had imposed Stage 4 restrictions including a night time curfew from 2nd August, 2020. Intitially imposed until 13th September, 2020, the government extended Stage 4 Restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne until 27th September, 2020.

Melbourne has met its target of 14 day rolling average between 30 and 50 to enter its second step of eased restrictions. Therefore some easing of restrictions will definitely be announced. Mr. Andrews although warned residents that the changes would not be drastic – instead a gradual series of easing as identified in Victoria’s roadmap to Covid-19 normal.

Melbourne will move to its third step after the state records an average of fewer than five new daily cases and five ‘mystery cases’ with unknown community transmission, on average over a two-week period.

Although Step 3 is stated to be realised on October 26, Premier Andrews hinted the day could arrive sooner if Victoria is consistent in driving its numbers to the above target earlier.