Australia adding visas for permanent residence after the shortage of workers

Melbourne, Australia – Australia, which closed its borders for a long time during the Covid pandemic, is going to add 200,000 permanent residence visas due to the lack of workers.

Australia, which has been closed for about two years, is currently facing a shortage of skilled workers. Many businesses are suffering due to labor shortages. The government has said that there is still a shortage of workers in the hotel business and aged care.

Meanwhile, the government is likely to continue discussions to increase the number of permanent visas to solve the problem of labor shortage. Employment Minister Brendan O’Connor has said that the government is committed to solving the labor shortage problem in the country. Before the pandemic, 190,000 were designated for permanent visas. In 2019, the government announced that this number will be reduced to 160,000 permanent visas annually. Minister O’Connor insists that not only should skilled workers be allowed to enter Australia, but that workers who stay here should also be included.
On the other hand, various organizations in Australia are showing concern about the situation of migrant workers and those on temporary visas.

The government is working on a program to bring skilled workers to Australia for workers’ compensation and to provide a path to permanent residence for those with temporary visas.
The Government has put the issue of changing the number of immigrants at the center of the jobs and skills conference organized in Canberra on the 1st and 2nd of September. But the leader of the opposition party Liberal has said that this conference is a useless work that is going to be done for cheap popularity.