Australian Embassy working towards getting Permanent Residents and citizens back home amidst lockdown in Nepal

Following an appeal by the Australian Embassy in Nepal, around 200 Australian citizens and Permanent Residents registered themselves with the Embassy. It is understood that while most of them are stranded in Kathmandu, some of them are also outside the valley – many of them being along the Everest and Annapurna Region.

For the stranded citizens/residents who wish to head back home, the Embassy is working towards making a commercial flight available from Kathmandu to Sydney. The Embassy has also said that ‘should the flight be arranged, there might be little time for notice’, and has therefore appealed to its permanent residents and citizens to make their way back to Kathmandu.

The Embassy, working in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal, has also arranged a permit letter for the stranded Australians to make their way back home. The letter can be availed after registering oneself with the Australian Embassy at [email protected]

For those stranded around Lukla, the Embassy has also made travel arrangements available.