Australian Federal Police investigate Western Sydney Airport land deal, to approach NSW ICAC over Daryl Maguire’s ‘potential involvement’

A graphic representation fo the Western Sydney Airport. Image:

The Australian Federal Police, who is currently investigating into the Western Sydney Airport land deal, will approach the NSW Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) to seek information if disgraced MP Daryl Maguire had any involvement in the controversial land deal.

The AFP is investigating the Leppington Triangle deal, where taxpayers paid a little under AUD 30 million for a plot of land which was valued by the government at AUD 3 million less than a year later.

The site, which is the proposed location for the new Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek reportedly cost more than 10 times the valued price and was not needed for 30 years. The AFP is examining the potential for criminality in regards to the land purchase, and will contact NSW ICAC over Maguire’s ‘potential involvement’.

Daryl Maguire, disgraced former MP of Wagga Wagga is facing an NSW ICAC inquiry to determine whether his activities amount to criminal offence of misconduct while holding public office.

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On the first day of evidence in the ICAC Inquiry, Maguire admitted that he accepted tens of thousands of dollars of cash through a cash-for-visa scheme while holding parliamentary office.

The ICAC has heard allegations that Mr. Maguire was involved in land deals in Western Sydney, and the AFP will be investigating to see if Mr. Maguire is involved in them.