Australian Government extends support to domestic and regional airlines

A Virgin Airlines Regional Aircraft taxis at Wagga Wagga Airport. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

The Australian Federal Government has extended its support to the severely affected domestic and regional flight operators of Australia.

The announcement has come days before two programs, the Domestic Aviation Network Support (DANS) program and the Regional Airline Network Support (RANS) program were about to end. The two packages

The government has spent AUD 150 million helping Qantas, Virgin and other smaller domestic and regional airline operators to help them survive the Covid-19 pandemic.

Deputy Prime Minister Michael McCormack confirmed the upcoming Budget will extend the programs – DANS until January, 2021 end, and RANS until 28th March. 2021.

“These (subsidies) are to make sure some of those unviable routes, because very few people are travelling, become viable. These are to make sure that we still get those planes in the air at a time when any state premiers are still having border closures”, McCormack said.

He also requested state premiers to consider relaxation of state border closures.