Best ways to send money from Australia to Nepal for Dashain and Tihar

Dashain and Tihar are approaching fast and with travel restrictions still in place, many Nepali in Australia will be spending it away from their loved ones for the second year in a row.

However, being separated from family won’t stop the season of celebrations, with many sending money home for gifts and dakshina to support those dearest to them.

There are various ways to send money to loved ones in Nepal, including using banks and traditional cash transfer providers, but financial technology companies like WorldRemit, are offering a better and cheaper way to send money.

WorldRemit is a leading global payments company that provides a fast and secure way to send money on the go from Australia to Nepal, recognisedas the best app for international money transfers by Investopedia in 2021. WorldRemit is committed to giving more people around the world convenient, quick, safe access to money whenever they need it, from the ease of a mobile device or computer.

Scott Eddington, Managing Director of Asia-Pacific at WorldRemit, said: “We understand the importance of staying connected to family and friends back home, especially through periods of celebration like Dashain and Tihar, and how important money transfers can be to lend a helping hand or show your love.”

“Making sure you can support your loved ones is a core reason WorldRemit exists. That’s why we’ve worked hard to ensure people can easily send money with 24/7 no-hassle transfers and customer support, and industry-leading safety standards, giving the customer control and transparency in the process.”

While Nepalese celebrate the holiday with loved ones from afar, Eddington has the following tips:

  1. Keep account details up to date – Always keep account details up to date, so transfers get where they need to in time. Make sure to delete old bank cards that may be stored and that phone and email details are correct so we can stay informed of the transfer’s status.

  2. Manage all transfers efficiently – To find out the best times to send money, set up daily exchange rate notifications for Nepal via theWorldRemit app. Also, turn on WhatsApp updates for transfer status to be able to check on the process and let recipients know that they can monitor the transfer through the WorldRemit Transfer Tracker app, available via the Google Store.

  3. Know the recipient – To avoid any hiccups along the way, ensure recipient details are correct before sending a transfer. It is also helpful to understand timings for different money transfer options, including cash pick-up, bank transfer, mobile money sent to eSewa and Khalti wallets, and airtime top-up, to avoid missing a celebration like Dashain.

  4. Look out for emails – Always keep an eye on email for possible communication from WorldRemit, to ensure receipt of all updates and requests regarding a given transfer.

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