Boost your career prospects with Student Journey Australia’s ‘Employability Webinar 2020’

Ever wondered why thousands of international students choose Australia as their education destination year after year? Is it because of its excellent education system, its great institutional infrastructure, its quality of life, its multicultural society, or the opportunities available for a student to pursue one’s career after completing their degree?

Education industry entrepreneurs and international students are of the view that a mix of the above is what makes Australia a great experience for international students.  And therefore continues to draw thousands of other students to its beautiful shores year after year.

As an ex-international student and currently a working professional in Australia and Nepal, I strongly agree with them. I learnt from a wide range of experiences – in and outside my classroom. I would constantly indulge myself in sessions which helped my personal growth and development, and would encourage others to do the same.

In continuation of my encouragement, I therefore write this article – to encourage current and prospective international students to participate in Student Journey’s Australia’s Employability Webinar 2020.

An annual affair, this year’s edition of SJA’s Employability will be held online owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, however packs enough panel discussions which promises to leave students better equipped towards their pursuit of career excellence.

Image: Student Job Australia

According to SJA, the objective of the webinar is to apprise the international student community on industry requirements while inculcating and improving skill sets as per industry expectations. The webinar also aims to bridge the gap between academic and industry.

Lastly, and perhaps the most important, the webinar aims to help students approach employability opportunities for international students post COVID.

According to Bijay Sapkota, former President of Council of International Students Australia (CISA) and co-founder of Student Job Australia, “The purpose of this webinar is to share resources and first-hand information about proper ways to look for and land suitable job opportunities here in Australia. To land relevant and promising jobs post COVID, students will need to put special and extra efforts to emerge as better job candidates. Investing their time to develop and learn new skills, upskill, take up social or honorary work will add to their experience and fine-tune their skills”.

This year’s Employability Webinar is scheduled to be held on 28th of October, 2020 between 11 am to 4 pm and features four panel discussions, namely on:

  • Helping International students find long term career in Australia post studies
  • International students’ employment support form study clusters
  • Expanding your horizons: Learning from the international student leaders
  • Hiring and promoting tomorrow’s leaders from corporate representatives.

Domi John, Partnership and Engagement Coordinator at Student Job Australia, and an ex-international student herself has shared her enthusiasm about the webinar, and has encouraged other international students to participate in the webinar.

“International students ought to inculcate a perspective of purpose that they’ll be working toward increasing their employability even while they’re studying. They should try to improve their English writing & speaking skills, adapt to Australian social and work culture; students can take up part time jobs as well as stay in touch with recruitment agencies. Make local friends; upgrade and polish their leadership qualities, remain active and vocal in varied forums, social media and student societies etc. All this will help them to build a personal connect with people that they can fall back on when it is time to find suitable employment”, she has said.

Interested students can register here.