Community members discuss possibility of fare-reduction in future repatriation flights from Australia

General Consensus: Let’s request Nepal Airlines to offer competitive rates so as we can continue organising repatriation flights via our national carrier.

On Sunday, MNTV Australia provided a fruitful discussion upon upcoming repatriation flights for Nepalis stranded in Australia. In attendance of Nepalese Ambassador to Nepal H.E Mahesh Raj Dahal, President of NRNA Australia Keshav Kandel, CEO of Buddha Travels Bhim Neupane, and owner of Everest Travels and Tours, who is also the National Youth Coordinator for NRNA Australia Ersad Ahmed, the panel discussed an important agenda – “how can we make upcoming flights more cheaper for Nepalis stranded in Australia?”

The program was presented by Chiranjebi Devkota, Editor-in-chief of MNTV Australia.

In the meeting, Ambassadar Dahal expressed an important point pertaining to the airfare incurred. “Airfares of both flights – the repatriation flight organised by the Australian Embassy in Nepal, and the ones coordinated by the Nepalese Embassy in Canberra were along similar lines. Yet, the amount of abuse the Nepalese Embassy in Canberra in context to price was far more than what the Australian Embassy in Kathmandu received. We feel our hard work to coordinate the repatriation effort wasn’t recognised”, Ambassador Dahal said.

Meanwhile travel entrepreneurs Neupane and Ahmed expressed they have received quotes from different airlines which are significantly cheaper than the prices offered by Nepal Airlines. They also were in consensus that they should show the quotes to Nepal Airlines to encourage them to reduce the airfares.

The meeting also proposed another interesting idea:

Organise repatriation flights in such a way that Nepalis from major cities such as Sydney, Adelaide, Melbourne or Brisbane are flown to Singapore – then a Nepal Airlines carrier can pick them up from Singapore to Nepal. Adopting this approach will be make airfares significantly cheaper.

Watch full interview here:

Second repatriation flight from Australia:

On Saturday, 27th of June, 2020, a Nepal Airlines wide-bodied Airbus landed in Melbourne’s Tullamarine International Airport. The plane repatriated 211 stranded Nepalis from Melbourne, Australia.

NRNA Australia including its President Keshav Kandel, members of the Consulate Office of Nepal to Victoria, including Consul General Hon. Chandra Yonzon were present at the airport to bid the stranded Nepalis a safe flight back home.

Passengers checking in at Melbourne’s airport. Image: Facebook