Contact details of Nepal Airlines for Nepalis wishing to return home made public

Nepal Airlines Corporation, who is busy making the government announced repatriation efforts of thousands of Nepalis stranded abroad successful has listed contact persons for those wishing to return home from Melbourne and Sydney.

Nepalis in Melbourne should contact Saroj Nepal (+9779841962064) and Nepalis in Sydney should contact Mimamsha Karki (+9779849157454).

Ticket prices have been set at USD 1615 (estimated AUD 2310, NRS 195,500) per passenger. Passengers who wish to return home, and those who have the recommendation of the Nepalese Embassy in Canberra may contact the above listed numbers.

Passengers will also be required to undergo a mandatory 14 day quarantine once arrived in Nepal.

Nepal Airlines, after receiving criticism has also revised the rates for a few destinations. (Please see image below):