Coronavirus protest in Melbourne: Ten arrested, police officer injured

  • May 10, 2020

Police have arrested 10 protesters after a violent anti-lockdown demonstration in Melbourne’s city centre. A police officer was alse injured during the clash. Dozens of demonstrators, demanding to end coronavirus lockdown, stormed Parliament House on Spring Street in the city’s CBD on Sunday afternoon.

Among the ten people arrested at protest on Spring Street today, two were organizers of the event. Three of the offenders will be charged with assaulting a police officer, and another offender will be charged with “discharging a missile” after allegedly throwing a bottle at police.

According to Victoria Police, the injured police officer is taken to hospital and is believed to have rib injury. Police have also said they are attempting to identify others who attended so they can fine them for their misbehavior.

The protest was also against 5G internet causing coronavirus which Australia’s Chief Medical Officer, Brendan Murphy, said were “complete nonsense”. “There is unfortunately a lot of very silly misinformation out there.” Murphy said.

He also stated that people have the right to protest but they should be held accountable for breaking social distancing rules