COVID – 19 Update: 16,000 more infected in New South Wales,

Melbourne Australia – Corona infection has been confirmed in 16,199 people in New South Wales today. According to the New South Wales Department of Health, 6,629 PCR tests and 9,570 antigen tests confirmed corona infection. At least three people were killed in Corona in New South Wales at the same time.
In Victoria, corona infections have been confirmed in 8,739 people in the last 24 hours. According to the PCR test 2 thousand 226 and antigen test 6 thousand 513 people have confirmed corona infection. Victoria has zero deaths from corona infection today. The number of active corona infections in Victoria is 56,997.
In the last 24 hours, 7,816 people have been infected with corona in Queensland. According to the PCR test 2 thousand 302 and antigen test 5 thousand 514 people have confirmed corona infection. The number of infected people in Queensland is 62,299, according to the health department. No one died today from the Queensland Corona.
Corona infections were found in 1726 in Tasmania, 701 in ACT, 7288 in Western Australia and 279 in the northern region.