COVID-19 Update: 815 people infected with corona in New South Wales, 1,488 infected in Victoria

Melbourne, Australia. Corona infection has been confirmed in 813 people in New South Wales. A corona test of 98,266 people in the last 24 hours confirmed the infection in 813 people.

In New South Wales, corona infections have been confirmed in 63,825 people so far, according to the Department of Health.

In the last 24 hours, 10 people have died of corona infection in New South Wales, according to the health department. In New South Wales, 418 people have died from the corona virus so far.

Similarly, Victoria has been found to be infected with the most coronaviruses in a single day. In Victoria, corona infection has been confirmed in 1488 locals in the last 24 hours. Two more people died of corona infection in Victoria during the same period.