COVID-19 Update: 38,944 corona infections have been reported in Australia today, with 18 deaths

Melbourne Australia, In the last 24 hours, another 38,944 corona cases have been confirmed in Australia. Corona tests conducted in different states of the country have confirmed corona infection in those people. Another 18 died of covid today.
Corona infection has been confirmed in 10,856 people in New South Wales today. According to the New South Wales Department of Health, PCR tests confirmed corona infection in 7,203 people from 3,653 antigen tests. At least eight people have died from corona in New South Wales at the same time.
In Victoria, corona infections have been confirmed in 8,976 people in the last 24 hours. According to the PCR test, 2,200 and antigen tests confirmed corona infection in 6,776 people. Seven people have died of a corona infection in Victoria today. The number of active corona infections in Victoria is 53,314.
In the last 24 hours, 6,467 people have been infected with corona in Queensland. According to the PCR test 1 thousand 293 and antigen test 5 thousand 174 people have confirmed corona infection. The number of infected people in Queensland is 43,251, according to the health department. No deaths were reported from Queensland Corona during the same period.
Corona infections were found in 1418 in Tasmania, 6107 in Western Australia, 475 in the North, 816 in ACT and 3829 in South Australia. Three corona infections have died in South Australia in the same period.