Melbourne, Australia – DidiBahini Samaj Victoria (DBSV) is going to organize Teej Program with the slogan ‘Preserving Culture and raising Hope’ on 20th August.
The President of DBSV Dr. Jamuna Prarajuli said that teej signifies the metaphor for the excitement, joy, happiness, and blessings among women. DBSV believes program will brings joy to our homes and communities and connects families and friends together. Since 2014 every year DBSV has been celebrating Teej as a part of the DBSV’s vision to promote Nepalese culture and tradition here in Australia and support vulnerable women in Nepal. President Parajuli says, “we believe celebrating Teej provide women with opportunities to create the environment to engage, socialise, entertain, connect, and establish social networks which can contribute to the enhancement of physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and enrich the community sodality, hence the advancement of women empowerment.”
DBSV aiming to raise funds to support women in the Mid-western region of Nepal who are victims/survivors of sexual assault and rape to rekindle hope, reintegrate into society.

DBSV is so proud that last year they able to support and restore the lives of more than 110 women and girls in the Mid-Western region of Nepal. DBSV’s support would bear the cost for the provision of safe short-term crisis accommodation, and support for other essential services such as legal advice, medical treatment, counselling, family, and social mediation process, and vocational education in partnership with AAWAJ (a profound local NGO working in family violence in the Mid-Western Region of Nepal).