‘Don’t come to the airport’: NSW Police urge friends/family of arriving passengers

NSW Police has requested friends and family members of those international arrivals coming into Sydney Airport to not come to the airport to greet/meet them.

“NSW Police is urging the families and friends of travellers returning to Sydney International Airport from 6am on Sunday 29 March 2020 not to come to the airport to greet those travellers as they will not be able to see them or physically communicate with them upon their arrival”, the report reads.

The announcement has come after PM Morrison introduced strict quarantine measures for all incoming residents/citizens.

NSW Police has also informed visitors that the passengers will be processed discreetly before being taken to their nominated hotels.

“There are no areas in the Sydney International Airport in which family and friends will be able to see the returned travellers or make contact with them. We understand this is unprecedented, but it is a vital step in trying to stop the spread of COVID-19”, the report further reads.