Driving in Victoria with an international/overseas license? VicRoads has introduced some very important changes.

  • October 30, 2019

Both licenses are samples only and have been used for representational purposes only.

Are you driving in Victoria with an overseas license? If yes, then you have 6 months to avail a Victorian license.

As of the 29th of October, 2019, VicRoads has made it compulsory for motorists driving on an international license  to get a Victorian license within six months of the above mentioned dates.

If a student doesn’t convert their international licence to a Victorian licence within six months, they will be breaking Victorian road laws.

  • New students who arrive in Victoria after the 29th of October 2019 will have six months from the day they arrive to get a Victorian licence.
  • For students already living in Victoria, regardless of when they arrived, they have six months from the 29th of October 2019 to convert to a Victorian licence.

As per VicRoads, “interstate and overseas licence holders will need to convert to a Victorian Licence/learner permit after living in Victoria for six months. International drivers will need to convert their licence and those driving on learner permits will need to take a Victorian learner permit test.”

There are no changes to the licence requirements and assessments.

VicRoads is also introducing a ’12-month good behaviour bond that will be breached by a serious driving offence, such as excessive speeding and drink or drug driving, resulting into suspension or cancellation, even if it doesn’t incur demerit points.

They have also urged motorists to update changes in personal details with a myVicRoads account,o you don’t miss important mail and put yourself at risk of driving illegally.

“From 29 Oct, any licence infringements will be applied to a persons’ licence even if the address is wrong and you don’t receive notice”, they have said.

VicRoads is the organisation responsible for setting the road rules in Victoria. and has recommended all international students check their current licence status, especially if they have been living in Victoria for more than six months.