Embassy of Nepal, Canberra requests details of citizens who wish/need to return home urgently

Acting upon a government directive to facilitate safe passage of Nepalis who need to return home urgently, the Embassy of Nepal, Canberra has requested Nepali citizens to update their personal details on the Embassy’s website.

Since the government’s decision to place the nation in a lockdown from 24th March, 2020, hundreds of thousands of Nepalis abroad were unable to return home. For many, especially those who had lost their jobs or income, the lockdown meant a deeper crisis – neither did they have means of subsistence, nor could they return home.

While the government had been discussing bringing back Nepalis abroad since earlier, they were unable to finalise upon its modality – that was until they announced their intention to bring back stranded Nepalis. The government has said it will bring back at least 25,000 Nepalese home in the first phase – however, no dates have been furnished.

The citizens will also be flown on a priority basis, i.e. after their emergency and urgency to return home has been assessed. Those citizens who wish to return home are requested to follow the link below:


The deadline to fill the form is 2nd June, 2020.

The following provisions and rules have also been announced:

  1. Any citizen entering Nepal must undergo a 14 day quarantine period as allocated by the local level government. Following a swab sample test, the citizen must also undergo a cumpulsory 7 day home quarantine.
  2. Costs associated with air fare, hotel quarantine, airport quarantine and other travel related expenses must be borne by the traveller.
  3. Citizens wishing to return home must present a PCR report as proof that they have not been diagnosed with COVID-19. One copy is to be presented at the Embassy, and another must be kept with the person at all times.
  4. All travellers will undergo a temperature check at TIA, Kathmandu – passengers with temperature higher than 100.4 degree Fahrenheit will be taken to the isolation ward while others will be taken to a holding centre.
  5. All travellers will have to download the MoHP ‘Hamro Swasthya’ app, and must register symptoms with the app regularly.
  6. Passengers will be cleared to transfer to their district quarantine section after completing all formalities in the holding centre at Kathmandu.
  7. All passengers must abide by rules and regulations concerning public health and safety.

Embassy of Nepal, Canberra has said they will release flight dates and time as and when it is available.