Ex de-facto PM Regmi and Hon. Consul General Yonzon meet with Victorian Legislative Council President Hon. Bruce Atkinson

  • February 22, 2018

2018-02-22, Sources

Khil Raj Regmi, Ex-Prime Minister of Nepal (de-facto) from 2013 – 2014 and former Chief Justice of Nepal along with Chandra Yonzon, Honorary Consulate General of Nepal to Victoria paid a visit to Honorary Bruce Atkinson, the president of the Victorian Legislative Council. Regmi was accompanied by his wife and other community members in the meet which was held in the Victorian Parliament House.

The meeting discussed the recently found political stability in Nepal, Hon. Atkinson congratulated the government on a successful election and the formation of a new government. The meeting also discussed Nepal’s reconstruction since the 2015 earthquake.

The Hon. Consul General and Mr. Regmi extended a formal invitation to the Victorian Government and their representatives to pay an official visit to Nepal. The meeting would be high level diplomatice visit between the two nations and would discuss further enhancing bilateral relationships between the two nations in sectors of trade, investment, agriculture, education, tourism and other areas. It was suggested the meeting occur before the Victorian elections which is slated for November, 2018.

Mr. Regmi and his wife Mrs. Shanta Regmi were also welcomed to the Consulate Office in Melbourne. The Hon. Consulate General welcomed them with a Khada and a formal gift. A small meet was held in the office in which Mr. Regmi discusses the current political and judicial scenario of Nepal with other community members.