Himani Shah : Belief that the relationship between Australia and Nepal will always remain harmonious

Melbourne, Australia – Former princess Himani Shah, who came to Australia for the charity program of Himani Trust, has addressed the program in the Parliament of New South Wales.

Speaking at a program organized in the Parliament of New South Wales, Himani discussed the role of the monarchy in establishing diplomatic relations between Australia and Nepal. Former princess Himani informed about the events of late King Mahendra and Birendra’s visit to Australia. She reminded that the 62nd anniversary of the establishment of relations between Australia and Nepal was recently celebrated on February 22 and that relations were established on February 15, 1960, during the time of the monarchy.

New South Wales Multicultural Minister Mark Kure openly praised Nepal and Nepali people in the event. He addressed Himani as a princess. Himani Fund Australia was formally established in an event held in Sydney last year under the chairmanship of Anjana Karki Basnet with Samim Anwar as the Secretary General.