First batch of students graduate from UIA

  • December 20, 2019

Image: Jiwan Rashaili

As students gathered at the Ultimate Institute of Australia in Melbourne’s CBD, the excitement within the students was more than the upcoming summer break – they were excited because they were about to be recognised for the hard work they had put in over the year. The 50 plus students, Ultimate Institute of Australia’s first batch, embodied a confident and accomplished spirit.

Sujan Poudel, a Diploma of Business Graduate, who was also the MC, said ‘UIA had surpassed his expectations’.

“I had always known that I wanted to be an entrepreneur; my experience with UIA has made me realise my knowledge on business administration barely scratched the subject. I had no idea about the various factors encompassing business administration; however, the past year has changed that. The learning process was different and engaging, and I feel confident about myself’, Poudel said.

His sentiment aligned with the other students – most students while speaking of their experience with Nepalese Voice said they felt confident about their abilities to make a change in their career.

The graduation ceremony in itself was beautiful and entertaining – Dr. Damira Lopes, the CEO of UIA had entrusted the task of organising the ceremony to the students themselves. When asked why she did that, she said that it is within the values of UIA to enable the student learn via experience. “When they organise an event as such, they learn different aspects of management”, she said.

Dr. Lopes, in her words of encouragement told the proud graduates that they ‘were going to be the brand ambassadors of the institute’, and urged them to ‘go forth and grab the opportunities that lay ahead.’

The students were felicitated jointly by Dr. Lopes and Chandra Yonzon, Honorary Consulate General of Nepal to Victoria. The institute also recognized a few students of merit and presented them with a ‘Student Award’.

Recipients of the Student Award:

IT: Saroj Tamang, Ashish Pun Magar, Prashant Upreti, Rubina Parajuli, Sujan Mishra, Sudarshan Kunwar and Rohit Yadav.

Business: Devi Thapa, Alisha Shrestha, Sujan Poudel

The official ceremony was followed by an informal entertainment program – students displayed their musical skills, some danced to popular tunes, while everyone relaxed for an afternoon of fun.

Graduating students of 2019

As the festivities came to an end, Neshan Kumal, Certificate IV graduate reflecting upon the year that had gone by said “he was alone when he first arrived in Australia; however, he met some of his best friends at UIA.”

“UIA not only helped me gain profound knowledge on my subject, it also made my transition to Australia smooth”, he said with a smile.