Former Energy Minister Prabhakar, famed for resolving the nation’s indignant load shedding crisis, welcomed in Melbourne

  • November 8, 2018

2018-09-25, Niru Tripathi (NV)

Janardan Sharma (aka Prabhakar), standing committee member of the Nepal Communist party as well as former Minister of Energy, was warmly welcomed in Melbourne. He was accompanied by his wife Mrs Laxmi Sharma Poudel and NPPF’s advisor Sheshmani Sharma, as he arrived in Victoria’s capital on 22nd September 2018.

On the evening of his arrival, NPPF and ONF Victoria organised an interaction program between Mr Sharma and the Nepalese community, which had a significant attendance despite such short notice. During the program, Hon. Consul General of Nepal to Victoria Mr Chandra Yonzon greeted the guests with a Khada (Nepalese traditional ceremonial scarf). The consulate general also gave a speech referring to the hundreds of our thousand Nepalese brothers and sisters who live overseas, away from their homeland and do not seek much other than peaceful relations with developed nations and more commending work of action from their visionary leaders. He also recalled the successful tenures of Mr Sharma when he was the acting Minister of Energy and lauded him and his team who did the impossible, curbing the nation’s load shedding crisis.

During the question and answer round Mr Sharma was questioned on the present political scenario of Nepal, the NRNA dual citizenship, voting rights issues, the Nirmala Pant rape and murder case in Kanchanpur, the future of the Nepal in coming days and the motive of party unification. Addressing all the questions, he asked those who were present for the gathering to be optimistic and motivate

themselves to see the bright future of their country and keep supporting the government for their vision and development steps. All in all, the response from Mr Sharma was positive and the strong feedback could be taken home to the Government of Nepal.

He also briefed on the motive behind the civil war and the commendable works the party has done after coming in the government. In the program, ONF representative Mr Madhav Paudel and NJSS Victoria’s president Mr Suresh Pokharel also acknowledged Mr Sharma’s visit to Melbourne and showed their kind interest on the current government’s vision and polices. The program was chaired by the NPPF Victoria’s president Mr Mandab Raj Karki and at the end he thanked all the audience who came and made the program successful. The MC for the evening was Mr Nirajan Gauli, a well-known and active community member.