Future Careers of International Students: A Webinar

The health emergency at hand is also a time of reckoning – we constantly find ourselves reassessing our views of the world – some views are changing, while some are reinforced.  The health emergency has also severely impacted several industries, and with it, its stakeholders – for example, international students, who have arrived on the shores of Australia with certain ambitions and dreams, may have had to re-assess their situation.

Keeping in mind the impact and to address uncertainty around future career prospects concerning international students, experts have come together to host a webinar.

Organised in partnership with Student Job Australia, the Council of International Students Australia and Insider Guides, this webinar will provide international students the opportunity to hear from the experts about employability and future careers. The panelists, representatives of higher education sector will bring together different experiences and understanding of the current opportunities for international students and what career support is available from peak bodies across Australia.

The webinar will be hosted by James Martin, Managing Director of Insider Guides, and features the following guest speakers:

  1. Phil Honeywood – CEO, International Education Association Australia (IEAA)
  2. Rebecca Hall – Senior Industry Expert, Austrade
  3. Bijay Sapkota – Co- founder, Student Job Australia and Former CISA President (2017-2019)

The webinar will be hosted on 22nd May, 2020, at 10:00 (AEST).

Interested people, who wish to participate in the webinar can register themselves by clicking the link below: