‘Good Signs’ – Deputy Chief Medical Officer Kelly says as Australia continues to flatten its curve

“Cases are less than what it was a week ago, so we have made great strides”, Deputy Chief Medical Officer Paul Kelly has told reporters in Australia. He also admitted that part of it could be attributed to the low number of tests during the Easter weekend. “However, we did testing yesterday and good signs”, CMO Kelly said.

Professor Kelly reminded the people about the importance of social distancing, cough etiquette and good hygiene as ‘we continue to fight this global pandemic together”, he said.

“An excellent bendover over the Easter break. People really did listen – we saw that Australia was taking the messages very seriously. We won’t know for the next couple of weeks the result of the measures, however I am very confident because Australia has been very cooperative”, he said thanking the people of Australia for doing their part during the health emergency.

As at 6:00am on 14 April 2020, there have been 6,366 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Australia. There have been 44 new cases since 6:00am yesterday.

Of the 6,366 confirmed cases in Australia, 61 have died from COVID-19. More than 363,500 tests have been conducted across Australia.

Location Confirmed cases*
Australian Capital Territory 103
New South Wales 2,870
Northern Territory 27
Queensland 987
South Australia 431
Tasmania 144
Victoria 1,281
Western Australia 523
Total** 6,366