Gorkhe To Be Released In Canberra

Screening of Nepali film Gorkhe has begun in Australia for the second time.

In collaboration with the Global Media and Research Centre, De Wise Events screened the film on Friday (April 23) among Nepali audiences in Canberra. Earlier, the film was also screened in various Australian cities.

U Remit Hustle Free had collaborated with De Wise Events for the Canberra show of Gorkhe. Ticket bookings were open for the movie at Limelight Cinemas in Canberra.

“After the success of Sydney, we are showing it in Canberra,” he said. Despite the impact of coronavirus, I am grateful to everyone for being able to screen this Nepali film in Australia and for the support of the Nepali audience,” he added.

Presented by Hari Lama under the banner of Koju Entertainment and produced by Tirtharam Koju and Hari Thapa, the film is about five young people and their dreams.

The film stars Rabindra Pratap Sen, Anjali Adhikari, Arjun Gurung, Ashmi Lama, Ashmi Shrestha, Angel Shrestha, Baldip Rai and others.

The story of the film is written by Kaji Limbu while Himal KC has directed action, and Saurabh Lama and Niraj Kandel have jointly directed cinematography.

Edited by Mitra De Gurung, the film has music by Chhindu Pakhrin and Hari Lamsal.