Grace International urges community to swim safely

  • January 18, 2020

In the wake of an increasing number of swimming related accidents affecting the Nepali community in Australia – Nepalese Voice believed an effective awareness campaign tailored towards the Nepali Community would perhaps inspire a change.

Thus, came the idea for a Swim Safe Campaign – awareness articles and safety messages from community leaders/influencers. When discussing the idea with Grace International, the organisation, which is already involved in several community events in Australia, commented on the necessity of the campaign and expressed their desire to support it.

Furthermore, Ram Chandra Poudel of Grace International, encouraged Nepalese Voice Australia to mobilise all resources to make the campaign more effective – therefore we decided to build a short awareness video using Fewa FC of Sydney.

The campaign is also being supported by Non-Resident Association Association (NRNA) Australia, Consulate General Office of Nepal to Victoria, and NAAER (Nepalese Association of Australian Education Representatives).

Nepalese Voice and Grace International hope the campaign is able to reach out to all members of the community with the hope that we are able to enjoy a safe summer for the years to come.