Husband murdering wife and lover found guilty by Victorian court

  • February 21, 2018

2018-02-21, Sources

In a murder case, which dates back to 2015, the Supreme Court of Victoria along with a jury have declared Sofia Sam and her lover Arun Kamalasanan guilty of Sam Abraham’s murder. A sentencing will be held at a future dayte.

Although Abraham’s death was thought to be a heart attack, however an autopsy report revealed the cause of death to be cyanide poisoning. The police were hot on the trails of the lovers and arrested them in August 2016, after finding evidence of them meeting secretly after the death of her husband.
Mr. Abraham, a 33 year old man of Indian origin was first fed a dose of sleeping pills and once asleep had orange juice laced with cyanide forced through his throat.
The couple had a young child.