“I will respect the government’s decision”: Ambassador Mahesh Raj Dahal upon hearing reports of him being called back

File Photo: H.E Mahesh Raj Dahal in Sydney in January, 2020. (Image: Nepalese Voice)

Canberra, Australia:

Nepalese Ambassador to Australia and New Zealand, His Excellency Mahesh Raj Dahal has said he will respect the government’s decision pertaining to his appointment. “I am a represenstative of the Nepalese government – whatever decision they take on behalf of my appointment, I will respect that”, he has said.

On Monday, reports had suggested that a meeting of the Council of
Ministers had arrived upon a decision to call back Ambassador Dahal. “If they ask me to stay and serve the country I will do so. If they ask me to come back, I will. If they transfer me to another country, I will take that as my duty”, Ambassador Dahal said.

Ambassador Dahal also thanked the Nepali community in Australia and the broader community for their consistent support. “The kind of connectivity and goodwill the community here fosters is exemplary, and one of a kind”, he said speaking of Nepalis in Australia.

“Similarly, it has been an honour to serve Nepal in the capacity of an ambassador”, he added. “I am very happy that we got to celebrate 60 years of successful diplomatic relationship between Nepal and Australia during my tenure. I believe Nepal and Australia will touch new heights of friendship in the years to come”, he said.

His Excellency Mr Mahesh Raj Dahal was appointed Ambassador of Nepal to Australia in November 2019. He is also accredited Non-Residential Ambassador to New Zealand, Fiji and Papua New Guinea.