Indian national’s visitor visa cancelled after authorities find educational documents in her luggage

  • November 2, 2019

A 23 year old Indian national has had her visitor visa cancelled and has been deported after authorities found her educational certificates in her luggage. Authorities also said they found several inconsistencies in the information provided by her.

23 year old Ms. Kaur, who was arriving in Melbourne’s Avalon Airport was called out for a random luggage check after she disclosed carrying some medication on her immigration card. During the course of the search, Border Force officers found her academic certificates including her IELTS certificate. When asked for the reason to bringing in the same, she could not give the authorities a satisfactory response.

Similarly, Border Force officers also found other inconsistencies in her story – for example, she said she was going to stay in Melbourne for 3 months, whereas in her application she had mentioned she intended to stay for 1 month. She was also unable to furnish details about her plans during the month – for example she did not know specific landmarks or areas she wished to visit. According to reports, all she said was she was going to visit ‘parks and hotels’.

Ms Kaur was taken to Broadmeadows detention centre and was put on a flight to Kuala Lumpur the next day. She arrived in India on Friday.