International arrivals into Australia to be halved until February 15

An aerial view of Sydney Airport. (Image: Wikimedia Commons)

Sydney, Australia:

Australia’s National Cabinet has decided to reduce its number of international arrivals by half over concerns of the new strain of coronavirus which is believed to be 70% more transmissible than the previous strain of coronavirus.

As per the new arrangement, New South Wales will welcome 1,500 passengers per week, and Queensland and Western Australia will welcome 500 each. South Australia, which is accepting 490 passengers, will remain unchanged. Victoria, which is already accepting low numbers of arrivals, will remain unchanged too.

The arrangement will be applicable to 15th February. According to Australian PM Scott Morrison, the arrangement is in place to “reduce and de-bulk the risk in terms of exposure to the new strain”.

The National Cabinet has also made masks mandatory across all domestic airlines within Australia.