Jeewan Rashaili, the man behind MNTV Hall of Fame

Usually, Jeewan is the one behind the viewfinder – with a slightly frowned set of eyebrows; he is seen observing the subject through his camera lens. Today, we reverse the role, and observe him instead.

Jeewan Rashaili, a prominent media production personality within the South Asian community in Melbourne, in a latest undertaking is seen spearheading Hall of Fame to promote artists of Nepali origin in Australia.

Hall of Fame, an MNTV Australia initiative, under the direction of Rashaili will collaborate with artists to record, produce and publish a cover song of the artist’s choice. According to Rashaili, the program intends to provide a platform for those artists with musical aspirations.

“Initially starting with three artists, MNTV Hall of Fame aims to become bigger”, Rashaili exclaims with excitement. “We will transform it into a talent competition, and will attempt to reach all cities of Australia”, he adds with the same enthusiasm.

With over 200 music videos and significant experience in the film industry, we do not doubt his ability to pull off the feat for a single second, and instead are drawn into his enthusiasm.

Arriving on the shores of Australia, Mr. Rashaili already had a decade long experience of cinematography in the Nepali entertainment industry. He had also directed three Nepali movies, Paap, My Life, and Rajaswola. Once in Australia, he continued following his passion, and immersing himself within the vibrant multicultural society of Victoria, Mr. Rashaili started thriving.

They say, Melbourne is a city for artists, and Mr. Rashaili fit right in – soon he was seen working for all communities, Australians, Vietnamese, Indians, you name it.

 With his latest endeavour, Mr. Rashaili is looking to provide media exposure to artists with musical aspirations. “Nepalis have a deep connection with music, and also have extraordinary talent”, Mr. Rashaili says.

The first season of Hall of Fame is being supported by Ultimate Institute of Australia.

“Entire production costs of the song and the video will be undertaken by MNTV Australia, and the artists will only have to worry about delivering his/her performance of a lifetime”, Mr. Rashaili adds before signing off.