Lama donates entire money in pocket towards Nepali Community Centre in Melbourne

  • December 15, 2019

Lama Ruchhe Gurung walks away after emptying his pockets for the cause.

On Sunday morning, Rachhe Bahadur Gurung, a visiting elderly woke up to a day of fun – he was about to participate in a fundraising cruise party organised by Chitwan Samaj Victoria. He was excited as he had never been on a cruise prior, little did he know, he was soon going to be hailed by all participants of the party.

In an informal program amidst the party, Dr. Chandra Deepak Pokhrel explained their efforts towards realising a collective dream of all Nepalis in Australia – a Nepali Community Centre with a temple and a monastery for future community events.

The 60 year old Rachhe Bahadur Gurung was listening intently – in awe of the cause. Soon he was heard coming forth with a symbolic gesture – he donated the entire money he was carrying with him in his pocket towards the cause.

Addressing the cause, Gurung said ‘he is a visitor and is not carrying much money on him, however was inspired to do the act after learning about the cause’.

Speaking to Nepalese Voice, we later learn Mr. Gurung is a Lama (head monk) from Tri Ratna Haiba Monastery, Dibyanagar Chitwan. He arrived in Melbourne 3 weeks ago and is visiting his family in Melbourne. Lama Gurung will also be presiding over a Lhosar Puja ceremony in Melbourne next month.

His act drew the inspiration of many – and several others pledged their support towards the multicultural centre. Another community member said his act was in accordance to the values of Buddhism – kind, compassionate and virtuous.