Man loses his Australian citizenship over fake overseas driver licence

5 June 2019

A Migrant Australian citizen, Ali Haidari, has lost his citizenship because of his fake overseas driving licence, SBS reports. His citizenship was cancelled in August 2017 after it was discovered that the he used a fake driver’s licence from Afghanistan to get Australian driver’s licence.

Haidari, 26, came to Australia by sea and got his protection visa in 2010. Later he received his Australian citizenship in 2014 which was approved within a month.

The truth was revealed when he was interviewed by the officers of Immigration Department. He had provided a counterfeit licence which he got from his friends from Pakistan to get Queensland truck licence.

He had asked for a review from Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT), he appealed that he was not aware his licence was counterfeit. The tribunal stated that he had not produced any legitimate travel document while travelling from Afghanistan to Australia via Pakistan, Malaysia and Indonesia. The appeal was rejected by the tribunal based on Haidari not being of good character.