Man to be deported over fake Indian License

  • December 10, 2018

An Indian man in New Zealand is facing deportation after a verification of his Indian license proved to be fake. Mr. Jodhbir Singh, a 30 year old migrant from India working as a forklift driver attached his Indian license when applying for a work permit. According to a report, it is being said Mr. Singh withdrew his application after he was informed his license would be verified. 

The verification went ahead anyway, and it was revealed Mr. Singh’s license was forged. Mr. Singh was entangled in a further controversy after he produced a letter which was issued by the regional transport authority and supposedly verified the authenticity of his license. Immigration New Zealand carried a further investigation of the letter which proved the letter was forged too. 

Mr. Singh faces deportation and Immigrant New Zealand claim the incident has brought ‘his character into question’. He subsequently appealed to stay in NZ on humanitarian grounds, which has been denied too. 

The wife of Mr. Singh, and their child who was born in New Zealand have the option of either leaving with Mr. Singh, or staying up till 2020, when her work-permit expires.