Man who flew from Nepal to Australia affected from coronavirus

  • March 8, 2020

A man who flew from Nepal to Australia few days back has been detected with COVID-19.

The 20-years-old man working in Hotel Grand Chancellor situated in Hobart – whose name is not revealed yet – had traveled to Nepal.

The guy who was detected with COVID-19 coronavirus, which has affected 106,203 people worldwide and caused 3,600 deaths, flew via Singapore en route to Sydney and reached Hobart on February 26.

Health workers sitting at airport suggested him not go to work immediately and stay away from crowd for sometimes. However, the man went to work right away ignoring the suggestions.

According to Mark Veitch, Director of Public Health in Tasmania, decision to keep colleagues of the infected guy on isolation would be made depending upon the nature of their work and the contact they have made with him.