Melbourne: 34 Nepalis test positive for COVID-19, 54 in self-isolation

Melbourne CBD. (Image: Pixabay)

34 Nepalis have tested positive for COVID-19 in Melbourne, Victoria, and 54 are in self isolation, as per a latest report. The report, compiled by a taskforce made possible by NRNA Victoria and Nepalese Association of Victoria (NAV), and the broader community states that of the 34 cases, 19 are female and 15 are male.

More than 90% of the infected are below 30 years of age.

54 Nepalis have also been instructed to self-isolate. The 54 are said to have come in contact with other confirmed cases, and are being kept under observation.

NRNA Australia’s Vice-President, and co-ordinator of NRNA Victoria, has also clarified that the statistic is of those who have come in contact with NRNA. “There could be other members of the community, who have been infected, and chosen not to reach out to NRNA”, he stated.

Tara Gaire, President of NAV also said that members of the community were actively helping those who have tested positive, and are in need of assistance.

The broader community in Australia has also formed a hotline, and has appealed members of the community to reach out to them for information and assistance.