Melbourne announces 5-day lockdown

Melbourne, A five-day lockdown will be implemented in Melbourne, Australia. The lockdown is set to begin on Thursday night in Victoria’s second-largest city. The lockdown will continue for five days after two more corona infections are confirmed in Melbourne.

According to the latest statistics, the number of corona infections has reached 18 so far.

This is the fifth time since the onset of the epidemic in Victoria. The last lockdown will continue till Tuesday.

With the lockdown in Melbourne, about 40 percent of Australians will be forced to live indoors.

In Victoria, Premier Daniel Andrews said it was the best time to lock down the corona virus. He said it would be better to take effective action now than to regret the deteriorating situation.

Victoria, with a population of about 6.6 million, will be banned from going out of the house for any purpose other than shopping, doing important work, exercising and getting vaccinated.

The neighboring state of New South Wales has seen many cases of the corona virus, but Melbourne has not. But earlier this week, it was speculated that the Corona had been moved by furniture makers from Sydney.

In New South Wales, a five-week lockdown has been announced. The lockdown will continue until the end of this month.

Authorities are not clear whether the Delta variant will be reopened later this month due to a rise in the number of Delta variants of the corona virus. In Australia, 31513 people have been infected with the corona virus so far and 912 have died.