Melbourne’s rolling day average at 11.9, concern over increase in ‘mystery cases’

Victoria on Sunday recorded 12 new cases of Covid-19 overnight, of which eight were recorded in Metropolitan Melbourne and four in Regional Victoria.

The new cases subesquently brought Melbourne’s 14 day rolling average to 11.9 (down from Saturday’s 12.0), while Regional Victoria’s 14 day rolling average rose slightly to 0.2 cases (up from Saturday’s 0.1).

While numbers continue to assure Victorians that the state and metropolitan Melbourne are headed towards the right direction, a slight rise in Victoria’s ‘mystery cases (cases with an unknown) souce is concerning health authorities.

“Mystery cases … remain a concern with an uptick in the 14-day rolling average,” Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton said.

Melbourne has to meet two triggers, a 14 day rolling average below five while maintaining a two week total of mystery cases below five before being allowed to move to its third step of reopening.