MNTV calls for interested singers to send their entries towards MNTV Hall of Fame (Season 2)

Upon completion of a successful Season One of MNTV Hall of Fame, the organisers have announced its second season – and have called out interested singers to send in their expression of interest.

Owing to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the different restrictions imposed by it, MNTV Australia has said the entire competition will be held online, and is open to participants from all countries.

Applications have opened from 7th September, and interested singers/artists will have to submit a song-recording (video format) of their choice by 15th October, 2020. The song has to be in Nepali language.

Of the received applications, top 50 will be selected in a preliminary draft, and a competition between the top 50 will decide the winner.

The winner will receive a Cash Prize of NRS 100,000 and a package equivalent to NRS 500,000 which includes song recording, music video production, photoshoot, and other required elements to help catapult the career of the singer.


  1. The applicant must submit a video recording between 3 minutes to 5 minutes.
  2. Mobile videos are also eligible, however, artists are requested to submit a high-definition video.
  3. All entries will be submitted to a panel of acclaimed singers, who will be the judges of the competition.
  4. Entries must be submitted before 15th October, 2020. The top 50 will be entries will proceed further in the competition.
  5. No restrictions on artists – even if you have participated or are a winner of other similar competitions.
  6. After the top 50 entries are listed, the winners will be decided jointly by a panel of judges and their popularity on social media.
  7. Winner will receive a cash prize of NRS 100,000 and other benefits which includes a professional song recording, music video, and a photo shoot. The total value of the package will be NRS 500,000.
  8. The competition is organised in the spirit of unlocking talents of singers. Should a conflict arise, the decision made by MNTV Australia will be final.

To participate in MNTV Hall of Fame Season 2, applicants must submit a video recording of any Nepali song (can include cover songs) of their choice via email at [email protected].