MNTV Hall of Fame’s Semi-Finals this Friday, who will be in the Top 6?

Kathmandu, Nepal

MNTV Hall of Fame, a global, online singing competition, which has been echoing widespread support from the global Nepali community, has progressed to the semi-finals. Earlier, episodes 11 and 12 had featured the Top-9 participants, wherein each participant was asked to sing a song by Nepal’s Swar Samrat (Emperor) Narayan Gopal. After beautiful songs by all participants, the episode had ended in a cliffhanger.

That means, to learn who has proceeded to the Top 6 in the semi-finals, we must watch Episode 13 of MNTV Hall of Fame. The episode is scheduled to be broadcasted on Friday, 26th February, 2021.

What is MNTV Hall of Fame?

MNTV Hall of Fame, a global, online singing competition is an attempt by My Nepal TV (MNTV) Australia to connect the global Nepali Diaspora with the power of music. In its first season, MNTV Australia promoted local Nepali talents based in Australia, and in its second season – it aimed for the horizon.

Calling out for global applicants amidst a raging pandemic, MNTV Australia received more than one thousand video applicants. After filtering them, the Top 50 advanced to the audition round. Similarly, as the competition intensified, the best 27 were chosen from the Top 50, then Top 9 from the 27, and so on.

In its semi-finals, the top 6 will perform to judges Deep Shrestha, Bivek Shrestha (Kandara) and Rajina Rimal.

According to Chandra Yonzon, Chairman of MNTV Australia, “With the incredible support from artists in Nepal and abroad, consistent judgement by the three judges, entertaining value by hosts Sadichha Shrestha and Suman Karki, and not to forget the incredible energy shown by team members of MNTV Australia – the program has become a grand success”.

“We plan to do an even bigger Season 3”, he added.

MNTV Hall of Fame is being broadcasted on the official YouTube channel of MNTV Australia and Himala TV, every Friday and Saturday at 8 pm. Don’t forget to tune into any of the channels above to watch the semi-finals.