Mother donated “bone marrow” to the son suffering from blood cancer

Melbourne, Australia – Bone marrow of a Nepali student suffering from cancer has been successfully transplanted in Australia. Kamala Bidyadhar, the mother of Prasanna Bidyadhar from Nepal, reached Australia and took out the bone marrow of her body and gave it to her son.

She removed the bone marrow from her body 13 days ago and gave it to her son. Prasanna, a cancer sufferer, is being treated at the Waisley Hospital in Brisbane. Some time ago, 22-year-old Prasanna, resident of Kirtipur, was diagnosed with blood cancer. He was studying in Sydney. According to the doctor’s advice, he has undergone a bone marrow transplant.

He is currently being treated in the intensive care unit. Funds were raised to support his treatment. However, the family became worried when the amount was found to be insufficient for the treatment.