“My songs are an expression of my own experience(s) with life”: Ujk Ujjowl (With New Song Mai Hoon)

Melbourne, Australia:

For Ujk Ujjowl, a Nepali origin artist based in Melbourne, Australia, struggles associated with musical industry are real – but his passion for creating new content is stronger than that.

Releasing a new song, “Mai Hoon” on 18th February – on the occasion of his daughter’s birthday – this song, like his other songs have a theme which is a celebration of the human spirit.

“Main Hoon” is a call to oneself that determinism is not an answer, and we need to live life to actually know what it is like”, artist Ujk Ujjowl shares. His main inspiration being his own lived experiences. “My songs are an expression of my own struggles and successes – how I deal with them, and try to overcome them”, he shares with Nepalese Voice.

The song has been written/performed by Ujk Ujjowl. Production, Mixing and Mastering has been done promising talent Mista Cham-Bling [Saurav Thakuri], and the aesthetical video has been directed by Abboye [Avıyaan Thapa].

Speaking about the rap and hiphop industry, Ujk Ujjowl shares that he is impressed with the experimental styles of the new generation. He also encourages artists to follow the passion, and not the money. “Money is important, but most importantly, it should be your passion for music that drives you”, he adds.

“Your music should make a difference – besides providing entertainment, its composition and lyrics should also be able to stir different emotions within a listener”, he adds.

Currently living in Melbourne, Australia, Ujk Ujjowl has been in the music industry since more than a decade. He has worked as a Radio Jockey in Nepal, composed rap songs as hit remixes. Although mostly working on underground songs, Ujk Ujjowl is also creating new commercial songs – and hopes to release an album within a year.

He has also worked as an organiser of several events in Australia, and besides creating new songs of his own, tries to promote other artists in Australia.