Nepali Couple in Adelaide hotel-quarantine share joy after receiving home made food package from community member

Left: Peppers Waymouth Hotel in Adelaide (TripAdvisor), Right: An image of the hot meal.

For Mr. Sharma and Ms. Karki, who have been isolating at the Peppers Waymouth Hotel, a pleasant surprise awaited them on Monday – warm, home made food from Ms. Renuka Lama, a community member residing in Adelaide.

“Frankly, I was missing home food – and then this beautiful package with rice, dal, saag (spinach), and mutton arrived at our doorstep – we were so surprised and so excited. There was even home made achar (pickle) – we enjoyed the meal thoroughly”, Ms. Karki shared her happiness with Nepalese Voice over a video call.

Adelaide Hotel Couple share an image of the home made food. (Image: Swekshya Karki)

Ms. Karki also said she spoke with Ms. Renuka Lama over the phone. “She sounded very warm, and asked about our well-being. I felt like I was speaking to my own ‘didi’ (elder sister). She even said that we should not hesitate to contact her if we needed anything else”, Karki shared.

Following our communication with the couple, we reached out to Ms. Renuka Lama. Ms. Lama had just reached her home after dropping the food package at the hotel, and was surprised to receive our call.

“I merely placed myself in their (the quarantined passengers) shoes – and I thought to myself they must be really missing home food. Therefore, I made the food and delivered it to them to at their hotel”, Ms. Lama said over the phone.

Ms. Lama, who is a practicing Registered Nurse, lives in Adelaide with her family. She has provided warm food to five families quarantining at the hotel. When asked about her inspiration, she simply shared her belief in ‘kind gestures’. She also thanked her family members, especially her husband and her brother for their incredible support.

Ms. Lama alongwith her husband, children and parents in 2018. (Image: Facebook)

Originally from Pokhara, Ms. Lama arrived in Australia in 2008 as an international student. She has been an active member of the community since an student days, and today, along with her husband is raising three kids in a multicultural home.

Ms. Karki and Mr. Sharma, alongwith other families who were recipient to Ms. Lama’s kind gesture are currently isolating at the Peppers Waymouth Hotel.

Mr. Sharma and Ms. Karki, currently in hotel quarantine. (Image: Supplied)