Nepali teen stabbed in random attack in Melbourne’s west

A 16-year-old Nepali boy celebrating his birthday has been stabbed in an unprovoked attack in western suburb of Melbourne.   Rhyan Singh and his two friends were randomly ambushed by a gang armed with machetes last Thursday evening , before   Rhyan was due at a celebratory family dinner.

A group of about seven to eight males set upon the trio, demanding they hand over their mobile phones and also ordered Rhyan to give up his new Nike Air Jordan sneakers, which he had only just received as a gift for his birthday.

Rhyan, a tenth  standard student and  the aspiring cricketer was stabbed in his ribs, arms, hand and back, and was hit in the back of his head. One of his friends was also stabbed, according to Victoria Police.

Rhyan’s parents are devastated by the attack. “(It’s) not fair … we were planning for his birthday,” Rhyan’s mother Sushma Manandhar said. Rhyan’s father Rajiv has said the community has to raise  voice against such cowardly attack and also to be aware of the safety of teenagers.