Nepathya performs in Perth

Nepathya, the folk-rock musical band, entertained the Nepali Diasporas living in Perth, the capital of Western Australia on Sunday.

The band began its Perth performance with their first song ‘Aanganai Bhari Hiun Nai Jhare’, according to a statement received from Nepalaya. The band is now touring Australia.

As the concert continued, the band performed their hit songs like ‘Chhekyo Chhekyo’, ‘Lampate Surati’, ‘Chari Maryo’, ‘Jomsom Bazar’ and more. Throughout the programme, Amrit Gurung, the band’s lead singer, not only sang the song, but also continued the conversation with the audience.

Earlier, Nepathya had presented its show in Perth in 2017. As always, Amrit was supported on stage by Dhruva Lama on the drum set, Suraj Thapa on the keyboard, Neeraj Gurung on the guitar, Subin Shakya on the bass guitar and Shanti Rayamajhi on the Madal.

After the Perth show, the band is performing in Sydney on February 10. After Sydney, the band will perform in Melbourne on February 13. The band is scheduled to return home with its last performance of this series in Tasmania on February 17.

Source : TRN,