NRNA Australia opens general membership, past members will have to register again

Melbourne, Australia:

Non-Resident Nepali Association (NRNA) Australia has opened membership for eligible members ahead of their upcoming elections. Open from Saturday, 8th May, eligible members can register themselves on NRNA Australia’s website by 10th June, 2021. A membership fee of AUD 25 will be applicable.

NRNA Australia has also mandated that all old members will have to re-register themselves as new members along with submission of required documents. Currently, there are 12,000 members of NRNA Australia. Personal details and other documents have been placed in NRNA ICC’s MIS Database last year itself. Previous year’s registration details or registration number of NRNA Australia members will not have any utility in the upcoming term.

In the membership form, the applicant will first have to agree to a term that their collected details will be submitted to NRNA ICC. Once agreed to the term, the applicant, as per Nepal Government rules will have to clarify either (a) living abroad (except for SAARC) nations for two or more years, or (b) an Australian Permanent Resident or Citizen.

The applicant will then have to fill personal details – name, addressh, contact number, Date of birth, etc. The application will then follow a two step verification – via phone, and email.

Once the verification is complete, the applicant will be directed to the payment page. Payment can be made either by credit/debit card (PayPal is not accepted). A declaration that the payment is being made by the applicant him/herself must also be made.

Once the application procedure is complete, the member’s details will be published on NRNA Australia’s website. One can also take up a lifetime membership.

To apply, follow the link below: